Lighting forms an important part of interior design and is often overlooked by homeowners when decorating. We aim to offer designer lighting options for the intended purposes whether it be task lighting, ambient or decorative. Our range is small but caters for certain key areas in a room. Our pendant lights can be used alone or in clusters depending on the circumstance and design objective. Our side table and desk lamp is not your average light but rather a designer piece that is sure to have your guests asking questions.
We have a range of lighting that can be both task and ambient. Available in Standard colours:
  • Wolkwhite (P4)
  • Ash Grey (P3)
  • Dove Grey (P1)
  • Lowveld Coal (P0L)
  • Wolkblue (P30)
  • Custom Colours on request (quoted separately)
  • Colour Development available for an additional fee (quoted separately)


A rich glowing orb encapsulated by an elegant authentic Limesite frame.  A pendant light fixture sure to add an element of design to a room.


An intriguing light that lends itself to a subtle form of cubism.  The Limelight is an ideal choice for your desk, side tables or bedside tables.


A modish, Limesite cone crowned by a beautifully crafted white oak top.  This pendant light is ideal for your commercial and residential projects.


Coming soon - Thank you for your patience!