We pride ourselves in our R&D capabilities and through the years of development and perfecting Limesite we have also created a process that allows us to develop custom colours for clients.
R 2,500.00 per CUSTOM COLOUR
Minimum order quantity of 5 SQM. Colours are sold per full square meter. All prices are quoted excluding VAT.
How does it work?
You provide us with a swatch (preferably a Pantone) and we will develop a colour match – keeping in mind that there will still be the signature Wolkberg variations of your new shade within the casts.
Pigment reacts differently in each mould shape and size which means recipes need to be individually adjusted to achieve the desired colour tone. The colour is not an exact match but will be within an acceptable range.
Like all new product developments, it is not an exact science and there is no guarantee that it will always be achievable to the expected standard, however, for a small fee it is worth the try for the potential outcome of a truly bespoke installation.
This option is ideal for hotels, lodges, restaurants and brands.
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