Is your tile ceramic?

No - our products including our tiles are made from our innovative high performance concrete , Limesite.

Is the colour on the surface of the tile?

No the tiles are a full body through colour tile. There is no printed layer.

Can I chose how much movement and variance I want in the products?

No- Variance and movement is an inherent property of Limesite Dimensions and Silk, it is our signature aesthetic and a part of our innovation which happens organically in the manufacturing process. 

Do you keep stock?

Wolkberg is a make to order business however we do sometimes have stock on hand from production over runs and miscasts. Enquire with sales directly.



Our tiles are suitable for floor and wall installations. It is important to use them as specified in order to retain your warranty. Please refer to our Limesite Installation Guide in the downloads tab.

We recommend the use of Limesite fix as your tile adhesive and grout. Installations in wet areas should be used with a 100% bonding liquid replacement of water as best practice.

We recommend a 2mm-3mm grout line for floor and wall installations. We do not advise that tiles should be butt jointed.

No, any good, experienced tiler can install your Limesite tiles by following the guidelines available in our Limesite installation guide and the in-box leaflet.

Our products carry a 2-year limited warranty on manufacturing defects, and we will address all issues related to this.

Proper evaluation of the substrate is key to a good installation of any tile. It is important to repair flaws prior to installation. Follow the adhesive manufacturer’s guide on surface preparation closely.

Once the surface is prepared, follow the Limesite installation guide and in-box leaflet for installation guidelines.

In order to keep your Limesite tiles in pristine condition, it is recommended that the tiles are cleaned daily by wiping with a soft, clean cloth using a non-acidic bathroom cleaner. If pool acid, chlorine or other heavy chemicals spills occur, it must be rinsed off with water immediately as it may compromise the sealer if left on the surface.

In order to keep your Limesite tiles in pristine condition, it is recommended that the tiles are cleaned daily in areas that come in contact with grease and dirt by wiping with a soft, clean cloth using a non-acidic bathroom cleaner. Clean food or oil splatter as and when they occur to avoid the need for harsh cleaning chemicals to remove the baked-on dirt.

We would recommend consulting with us prior to specifying the tiles in these areas as there are special considerations where the tiles will be exposed to excessive heat and grease.

No, we are not installers but can refer you to a preferred installer in your area. We recommend skilled installers for more complicated design layouts.

Our tiles carry our signature Dimensions aesthetic, an inherent property of Limesite™. The dimensions finish is an organic aesthetic that is created throughout the manufacturing process.The fluid movement seen in our unique aesthetic is different on every tile. Neither the movement/texture nor colour is uniform. Our tiles are integrally coloured which means the tiles are what is known as ‘through body’. No printed layer exists.

When choosing colours, the decision should not be based on viewing individual samples but rather a larger arrangement of that colour as no two tiles are identical and only a full arrangement will give a true reflection of expected aesthetic. Past installation images can be viewed on our Social media platforms and website.

Due to the handmade nature of Limesite products there will always be a variance in thickness or size. We endeavour to control the variance up to 2-3mm as far as possible.

Fine micro-scratches may appear on floor tiles with time due to foot traffic over a specific area. Micro scratches will be more visible on Silk finish installation where darker colors are used.

Your Limesite tiles can be refurbished, please contact one of our representatives for more information.

Please follow the tiling guidelines we provide. Special care should be taken when handling the tiles prior to installation. It is not a ceramic tile, Limesite material brittle by nature prior to installation.

No, Limesite tiles undergo a multi-stage sealing process during production and are supplied to you already sealed.

We do recommend that on kitchen backsplashes and in wet areas, such as showers, your grout be mixed with bonding liquid as a 100% water replacement.

Yes, the tiles should be cut using a solid diamond blade disc with the blade cutting into the sealed side of the tile.

We recommend a standard allowance of 10% for wastage. For intricate tile layouts or herringbone layouts we recommend a 15% allowance for wastage.

Yes, you can drill into the tile, but hammer action on power tools should be switched off.

A simple way to determine which side of the tile is the adherence side is to pour a small amount of water on both sides of one tile. The side that changes color is the unsealed side and it is also the side of the tile that will be glued to the surface.

Limesite tiles are not suitable for installation inside a braai or fireplace where the tiles will be exposed to open flame or extreme heat. You can however tile the outside of the fireplace or built in braai.


Yes however we recommend that the surface be placed in a semi shade area. Darker color surfaces can become extremely hot in direct sun. You may consult with one of us to determine the best placement of your limesite surfaces.

With normal use, scratches should not be an issue. Care should be taken not to cut directly on the surface by using a chopping board and not to drag heavy objects across the surface as with all quartz and marble surfaces.

Yes, scratches can be repaired - Contact us for a guide on how to do this or in cases where deep scratches may occur we can guide on how to remedy.

We always recommend the use of a trivet to place hot pots on as the sealer can be degraded over time by long exposure to heat which will result in staining if spills occur.

While our sealer is stain resistant, care should always be taken to clean spills promptly.  Red wine, hair dyes and turmeric powder are tough stains and pro-longed exposure should be avoided. Damaged areas on the surface have a greater risk of staining.

Yes, stubborn stains can be removed by applying household bleach to the area, this will lift the stain. Simply wipe with a soft cloth, soapy solution and water. For deeper, more stubborn stains you may contact us to advise on how it can be repaired.

Our products carry a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects. We will attend to all queries related to this. We supply you with care and maintenance guides.

Quartz and granite are very different in composition to Limesite and each stone has its own benefits and features. One should not compare them directly but rather look at it for its own purpose. Limesite is a high-performance concrete and concrete is a material that gains strength with time. Limesite is a highly engineered concrete designed for the purpose of being used in kitchens and other areas.

Cracks in traditional concrete mixes generally happen during the curing process when the stone shrinks and are considered natural and inherent in the material. Not all cracks are structural imperfections.

Limesite is a high-performance concrete that is cured at the factory and any cracking that may cause structural imperfections would be spotted before it leaves our facility. The material and manufacturing process is designed and engineered to not have cracks that affect the performance of the stone.

A proper installation of the stone will ensure that the surface has the right supports required to not have cracking.

Limesite surfaces are 25mm thick and weigh around 68kg per square meter of surfaces and is an acceptable weight in normal environments that would ordinarily use other stone products like granite, quartz or marble.

Limesite surfaces are cast in sheets of 3000x1200 with a standardthickness of 25mm. The required stone is then cut from the sheets and prepared for installation. Larger surface areas are possible by joining stone cuts together. Join lines can be accentuated using semi-precious metal inserts. We will advise you on the join line requirements during consultation.