Can the tiles be used on the floor?

We have a floor and wall range of tiles. It is important to use them as specified in order to retain your warranty. Floor tiles are designed to accommodate the use of a grout for hygiene purposes and wall tiles can be butt joined and don’t necessarily have to use grout, however it is recommended.


Is there a special tiling process?

The tiling process is very similar to that of a marble tile. Please follow the tiling guidelines we provide.


Do I need a special tiler?

Most tilers can do an installation of Limesite tiles following the guidelines. The complications are only around the design and aesthetic layout of the tile and this is not related to the performance of the product but rather the design layout and should be managed by the client or the designer.


Is there a warranty?

Our products carry a 2-year limited warranty on manufacturing defects, and we will address all issues related to this. We are also available to guide you and ensure the best installation ensuring a long, vibrant life for your Limesite tiles.


What can go wrong on a floor or wall installation?

Proper evaluation of the sub structure being the sub floor, or the building walls is key to a good installation of tiles. It is important to repair flaws where necessary prior to installations. Follow the manufacturer's guide on surface preparation closely and the guide of the manufacturer of the tile adhesive and grout as well. These guides are put in place by observing numerous installations over years and is a great trouble shooting guide to ensure the best possible installation.


How do I clean and care for the tiles?

Please follow the care and maintenance guide for Limesite tiles.


Does Wolkberg do the tiling as well?

No we are not tile installers but we can refer you to a preferred installer. We recommend a skilled installer for more complicated design layouts.


Will the colour of my tiles be consistent across the floor or wall?

As can be seen on previous installations of Limesite tiles, there is an amount of variance across batches in a single colour recipe. For example, within one colour - Wolkblue as an example - there will be various shades of it that fall within the acceptable standard for a concrete tile.  It is this variance and surface texture that adds to the appeal of our products. This ensure every installation is unique. Please see our colour guide for more information variance and consistency.




Can I use Limesite surfaces in my kitchen?

Yes, Limesite is a high performance concrete, a South African innovation designed to be used as a surface for kitchen countertops, table tops, cladding and other. View our Surface Technical Data Sheet here.


Will it scratch?

With normal use, scratches should not be an issue. Care should be taken to not deliberately scratch the surface by dragging heavy objects across it. 


If I were to get scratches on my surface can it be repaired?

Yes, scratches can be repaired - Contact us for a guide on how to do this.


Can it stain?

While our sealer is stain resistant, care should always be taken to clean spills promptly.  Red wine, hair dyes and turmeric powder are tough stains and pro-longed exposure should be avoided. 


Can stains be removed?

Yes, stubborn stains can be removed by applying household bleach to the area, this will lift the stain. Simply wipe with a soft cloth, soapy solution and water.


Can I refurbish my surface in the future?

Maintenance on the sealer can be done when necessary.  This should be undertaken by Wolkberg Casting Studios or an approved contractor.  This would entail stripping the surface and resealing with our unique Wolkseal process.


Is there a warranty?

Our products carry a 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects. We will attend to all queries related to this. We supply you with care and maintenance guides and this should be adhered to in order to ensure a long, vibrant life for your Limesite surfaces.


How does this surface compare to quartz and granite?

Quartz and granite are very different in composition to Limesite and each stone has its own benefits and features. One should not compare them directly but rather look at it for its own purpose. Limesite is a high performance concrete and concrete is a material that gains strength with time. Limesite is a highly engineered concrete designed for the purpose of being used in kitchens and other areas. 


I have heard that concrete cracks, will my Limesite surface crack?

Cracks in traditional concrete mixes generally happen during the curing process when the stone shrinks and are considered natural and inherent in the material. Not all cracks are structural imperfections. 

Limesite is a high performance concrete that is cured at the factory and any cracking that may cause structural imperfections would be spotted before it leaves our facility. The material and manufacturing process is designed and engineered to not have cracks that affect the performance of the stone.

A proper installation of the stone will ensure that the surface has the right supports required to not have cracking.


Can I put a hot pot on the surface?

Best practice would be to avoid putting hot pots directly onto any surface - even granite, marble and quartz.  A hot pot should be placed onto a board or trivet.  Placing a hot pot directly onto your Limesite surface can compromise the sealer in that area, creating a risk for stains.


Is the surface heavier than granite?

Limesite weighs around 64 kg per square meter and is an acceptable weight in normal environments that would ordinarily use granite, quartz or marble.