Our combined expertise in Industrial Design, Interior Design, Product Development and Product Management ensure the rapid growth and continued innovation of Wolkberg Casting Studio.
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© Wolkberg Mountains by Willie Botha
In the foothills of the Wolkberg mountain range in Limpopo, two like-minded Industrial Design students conceptualised a company that creates unique concrete products. They refined their ideas over long weekends in the forest, building a wooden cabin by hand from what they could find in their surroundings.
Researching and studying in his free time, Reando developed an unexpected passion for concrete. Limesite was born from and driven by the realisation that the oldest building material in the world can be made stronger, more sustainably and more beautiful by understanding it on a molecular level.
Realising their once whimsical idea was on the brink of reality, Reando and Graeme then approached Ramielle to join them on their endeavour. Her passion for innovation and business know-how added a new dynamic to the team. Ramielle has more than 10 years of new product development and product management experience with some of South Africa's leading brands.
All the pieces were nearly in place...
Graeme then began the intrinsic development of our Limesite production plant and has pioneered new manufacturing methods and built custom machinery unique to this precise and revolutionary material. Always expanding and always innovating, our factory pushes the boundaries through every upgrade.
Wolkberg Casting Studios came into existence because we don't accept the norm and we don't follow the trends.
We can’t wait for what’s next - can you?