Lock down has made us stay indoors, and if any of you are like me, we're looking at our homes with a new sense of gratitude...and a little bit of curiosity. I'm sure a lot of you are itching to make changes! We've taken a look at trends for Autumn and Winter, given tips for decorating and added a pinch of Wolkberg to get your creative brains inspired.


How can we welcome in this new season? With the temperature slowly dropping, warm earthy tones are perfect for cosying-up indoors. We see indulgent reds and deep yellows bring colour while exploration with textures, curves and blocking add personality and sensuality. A grounded neutral base ensures you still feel a sense of home, and with our handmade tiles and surfaces, you can add depth and character as well.


When it comes to decorating, too much (of even a good thing) can be overpowering and lose the sense of “Wow.” To help you out, here’s a pro tip, there’s an age old tradition of using the 60-30-10 rule to help you balance the use of colour in your room, and ensure features are exactly that - featured! We break it down really simply here:


60% is your main colour, 30% is your secondary colour and 10% is your accent colour.


60% - A base palette is the calm, soothing colours that hold your room together and essentially form the backdrop for the rest of your design.

Off whites and grass browns are in season, be inspired by the Highveld winter. Your largest surface areas - walls, floors, ceilings, rugs, curtains - will hold most of the foundation of the room’s atmosphere. Keep them all within the same tonal hues, but you can get creative with texture! Our Wolkwhite tile and surface colour is sure to be a talking point in your room for its unique aesthetic finish. A weave, rattan or fringe can also add a tactile element.

 Wolkberg Limesite Embrace The Trend Autumn Winter 2020

Wolkberg Wolkwhite Dimensions surface alongside original image from Dulux

Wolkberg Limesite Embrace The Trend Autumn Winter 2020

Original image from Dulux alongside Wolkberg Tri Tiles in Wolkwhite Dimensions


30% - Your median tones are a little bolder but still complimentary to your base palette, there should at least be a noticeable contrast between them.

Deep wine hues and ochre champagne tones are coming into fashion. You’ll use about half as much of these colours as you did your base tones. A feature wall, accent chair, side table or lamp could be emphasized and stand out from your background. For texture, consider our Ndebele tile in Syrah on a feature wall, or for your accessories like bowls and vases, terracotta is a beautiful earthen tone perfect for this look. The colours chosen don’t all have to be exactly the same, as long as you stay within one or two shades you’re on the right track.

 Wolkberg Limesite Embrace The Trend Autumn Winter 2020

Wolkberg Ndebele Tile in Syrah Dimensions alongside original image from Dulux

Wolkberg Limesite Embrace The Trend Autumn Winter 2020

Original image from Fontevraud L’Hotel alongside Wolkberg Subway Tiles in Dijon Dimensions

10% - The accent colour is really where you get to be expressive!

If you’re not sure what colour to use - look at any artworks or fabric patterns you want to use in your space, these designers have already done the matching for you so work with it. A classic blue balances your space without being too cold, especially if it also has texture and depth like a rug or Wolkblue tile. Scatter cushions, candles, sculptures, coffee table books; these accessories can all be chosen to create a statement and POP in your room - and they’re easy enough to change on a budget to make sure you stay on trend.

 Wolkberg Limesite Embrace The Trend Autumn Winter 2020

Wolkberg Mini Subway Tiles in Wolkblue Dimensions surface alongside original image from Kate Mayes


These are simply guidelines – always remember that – true style is having a space that you love living in. We encourage you to highlight your hero objects - your memories and sentimental items will always be on trend, even if they don’t suit the colour of the season.


Take a look at our Pinterest Board to get more ideas for your "autumn revamp", or download the free Trend Guide below to know which local South African products you can buy to embrace the trend.


Wolkberg Trend Guide Autumn/Winter 2020 Embrace the Trend

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