Two design experts reveal why we're looking at our walls, floors and ceilings in new ways.



Creative Director of Decorex


When it comes to choosing the style and colour scheme of your interior, the most important elements are the walls and ceilings, as they are the framework for what the rest of the room will look like. They set the look and mood of the space and establish the atmosphere.

But while we spend years agonising about what paint colour ro use on the walls, the ceiling typically gets little to no thought at all. Designers and home owners are now starting to think of creative ways to transform a space by giving the ceiling some much deserved attention. And we can see this being done with wooden paneling to give the room that three-dimensional feel, which completely transforms a space.

In 2020, no decorative element can be left to chance. This will be the year of decorative explosion in the interior design sector, and making use of more unconventional materials for floors, walls and ceiling decoration is a must. Walls will take on a more textured 3D feel as our bodies continue to crave textured tactility in revolt of all the digital, smooth surfaces of our electronic devices that we come into contact with during the day.

The future trends for wall, floor and ceilinging design will be experimental and move away from the norm. They will give spaces more character with texture and three-dimensional walling solutions and fun elements such as decorating with prints. The colours to keep in mind include pops of sage green, dark blues and indigo, and more desaturated colours to replace standard neutrals.

It's important to remember: our homes are our sanctuaries - a place to unwind and escape the stresses of the day. A place where we can re-centre ourselves and focus on what it means to be human. Something as simple as painting the walls will ass a personal stamp to your space and make it feel like home. A personal touch is always on-trend.


Managing director of Wolkberg Casting Studios


Walls, floors and ceilings are like your blank canvas. They provide the perfect platform from which to build on your interior design scheme. These elements are also both functional and aesthetic, meaning they are important and should be well considered to allow for a long lifespan. I think each of these elements is easily overlooked, and they are not always given an equal amount of attention and consideration. This is largely due to the fact that we don't realise how much more can be done with these elements, such as improved acoustics and energy efficiency.

We have seen a rise in feature walls recently. Retail spaces, restaurants and hospitality industries are embracing bold colours, patterns and textures for walls and it is a matter of time before the home owner feels confident enough to embrace these elements in their homes. We are super excited to see the home owner embrace surfaces that are out of the ordinary and not the usual ceramic tiles. We see the home owner becoming brave enough to explore different finishes and textures for floors such as concrete, marble, terrazzo and Limesite tiles or surfaces. It's important to keep in mind that these areas are functional as well, and if your budget permits, try to add to the acoustic and thermal value of your floors, walls and ceilings.

Most importantly, we would like the home owner to not be afraid to use materials that traditionally require a little more care. Our homes are our sanctuaries and that makes them worthy of special attention. If the difference is between having a remarkably beautiful tile that feeds your soul every time you step into a room but requires a polish every six months vs an ordinary tile that requires no upkeep but doesn't feed your soul, I would advise making the sacrifice in favour of your soul.

I am definitely open to the use of different materials outside of their ordinary applications in the home. I believe in the benefit of having an extraordinary room; it is worth the risk. My current design inspirations include the use of semi-precious metals for cladding walls and cupboard doors.


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Original article in March 2020 edition of SA Homeowner Magazine

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