Decorative tiles will always be used to bring a wall to life with texture or as a means to create a statement often through pattern and colour. Trends will come and go, but a timeless tile is one that effortlessly gives you all of these options.

Wolkberg Casting Studios have designed and locally manufactured a new Limesite tile range that gives you the opportunity to play with tiles the way that you want to. Forget about what is in stock, or what is available off the shelf. Welcome to a variety of colours, the creativity to play with composition and a modern take on classic shapes. There is no doubt that Wolkberg’s handmade tiles stand out from the crowd.

Their strategy is simple; provide personalised client service, through choice and customisation.

A proven result of this flexible approach is best shown in the application of their Leaf tile in two uniquely branded companies, Exclusive Books and Salsa Mexican Grill. 


©Wolkberg Leaf Tiles in Lowveld Coal (P0L), Dove Grey (P1) and Wolkwhite (P4), Exclusive Books Cafe (Ballito, KZN)

An elegant, textured pattern for the stylish Exclusive Books Cafe, and an ocean inspired colour and atmosphere in the upbeat Salsa Mexican Grill.


©Wolkberg Leaf Tiles in Ballito (a custom colour), Salsa Mexican Grill (Ballito, KZN)

Creating a modern, minimalist style is achievable with Wolkberg’s Subway Tile. A slim rectangle, this tile style will never be out of fashion. The beauty of the rectangle is the possibility of tessellating patterns, from a traditional herringbone to a basket weave, or a simplistic runner bond. Imagine even greater possibilities when you insert a variation of colours too.


©Lucy Pike | ©Wolkberg Subway Tile in Salsa (a custom colour) in a Herringbone pattern.

If you are avant-guarde or slightly more traditional, whether your wall is interior or exterior, one thing is guaranteed. Wolkberg Casting Studios have a unique tile for you.

To see what styles we have available, visit our Products page.


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